Top 5 Delicious Drinks You Need to Try During Summer in Kolkata

Hi, I’m back today with a new topic. In my last blog I’ve told you about Top 10 Bengali food of Kolkata.
Now it is hardcore summer time in Kolkata. Temparature lies between 25 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. But Kolkata people are so much busy with daily life. And today they have few topics to gossip such as Bhagar Scandal, politics and so on. People aren’t stopping themselves to stay busy in this hot days. But they need some refreshments. So that I’ve decided to start from here.
Today I’m going to discuss about delicious drinks you need to try during summer days. Already so many people have written about this. But try my opinion, hope you will understand the difference between me and them.

1.Aam Pora Sharbat:
There is a cool relation between Bengali lives and mango in summer. Bengali people love mangoes. Infect mango is the National Fruit of India. This is one of the popular drinks of Bengali lifestyle. It is made of mango, sugar, salt and cold water. People wait for every summer to…

Top 10 Bengali Food of Kolkata to eat during Durga Puja

If you want to know about Kolkata food, already there are too many information throughout the internet. But everyone explained their points in different ways. I’m going to explain about Kolkata food in my way and hope you will find something different from the others.

Durga Puja, the main festival of Bengali people is coming in few days. City of Joy has already started to decorate itself. When the main festival comes in front as a topic, generally food topic has also come along with it. So let’s start.
1. Rasogolla : 
When we are discussing about foods of Kolkata rasogolla comes first in the row. Actually Kolkata is famous for rasogolla. It’s mainly a sweet dish. Bengali people welcome others with rasogolla. Bengal is also the birth place of rasogolla. So it is the king of sweets in its hometown. Rasogolla made up of milk. You can get rasogolla at any sweet shop in Bengal. But according to me K. C. Das is the best place for rasogolla. So don’t miss rasogolla if you are in Kolkata.
2. Fuch…

Everybody has his uniqueness

Word uniqueness bears its own connotative meaning that is special or an extra ordinary quality. Each and every human being has his/her own skill. Instead of this concept many in our society are deprived off because of not being recognised that uniqueness. Depression bestows over them who think that they don’t have any quality to do any work. But this is totally wrong, so now-a-days schools are taking the responsibility to bring out that uniqueness from a child. So that the talent a person has can be utilised in proper way.
   If we look few years back we can see that only meritorious in studies were given importance and the rest of were condemned. But all the works are important because if we leave one job such as cleaning the road will increase unhygienic conditions. For this reason our Government felt the importance of Skill Development. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the initiative and launched a unique programme named by ‘Skill India’ on 15th July 2015. ‘Skill India’ contents…